Scul Hazzards


april 17th 2009
LP 500 copies


Mixed and engineered by Steven Smith and Leigh Fischer, mastered by Carl Saff.
Scul Hazzards

Steven Smith : Guitar / vox
Tiffany Milne : Bass
Leigh Fischer : Drums

SCUL HAZZARDs are a deconstructionist rock band from Brisbane, Australia that combine elements of noise, math and indie rock to create aggressive and relentless music using fractured arrangements.
Referencing the likes of The Jesus Lizard, Rapeman, (early) Sonic Youth, (early) Swans, Birthday Party, and (early) Blonde Redhead, but sounding like none of them in particular, SCUL HAZZARDs' similarities focus on the core ideals of these bands rather than emulating their musical aesthetics.
While their early releases (Knee Deep in Blood that isn’t ours single, and House of Heads EP) were for the most part primal in nature their most recent material (Count Less Dead EP, and Last few Bucks/Needle’s Eye/Plastic Protective 7”), retains much of their primitive aggression but is far more complex and focused. This is in part due to a lineup change in early 2007 - two members leaving (one to join New Zealand’s Die! Die! Die!) - and more importantly because the remaining and new members’ matured approach has lead to more intuitive and measured playing and more complicated structures.
In there short time together SCUL HAZZARDs have released two EPs for Australian label Valve Records and have a vinyl 7” release due out in February 2008 through Tenzenmen Records. This was be closely followed by the release of their debut album on vinyl in March 2008 through French label Rejuvenation (and 4 others). With two audio engineers in the band (Steven and Leigh), SCUL HAZZARDs record all their own music.
SCUL HAZZARDs’ live show is an unrelenting barrage of noise contained within the boundaries of structured songs. The band has toured Australia extensively from 2006 to 2008 including shows with Comets on Fire, Die! Die! Die!, The Mint Chicks, Grey Daturas, Shooting at Unarmed Men (ex-Mclusky), Pelican and a spot at Brisbane’s Valley Fiesta.
To coincide with their vinyl album release SCUL HAZZARDs toured in France in March 2008 before relocating to the UK.

Now after one year living in London and a lot of gigs through Europe including the UK, France, Germany, and Spain, the band recorded this new full lenghth called "Landlord".

  • "Knee Deep in Blood That isn’t Ours " CD, 2 songs (Self released) / 2006
  • "House of Heads" CDEP, 5 songs (Valve records) / 2006
  • "Count Less Dead" CDEP, 5 songs (Valve records) / 2007
  • "Last Few Bucks" 7", 3 songs (Tenzenmen records) / 2008
  • "Let Them Sink" LP, 12 songs (Rejuvenation / Slow Death / Whosbrain / Les Disques Du Hangar 221 / Shot Down) / 2008
  • "Landlord" LP, 11 songs (Rejuvenation / Whosbrain / Les Disques Du Hangar 221 / Shot Down / Bigoût) / 2008