March 2013.

7" inch vinyl 500 copies.

This is a co-release between Rejuvenation, Tenzenmen and Cut Half Records.

  • France :
    7" inch 6 euros port compris.
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  • Rest of the world :
    7" inch 7 euros post paid.
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    Recorded by Teemu.
    Mastered at Virtalähde.

    Teemu - Guitar / Vocals
    Vesa - Bass
    Riku - Drums

    FUN is a three-piece noise-rock band from Helsinki, Finland since 2001.

    "Fun". Three letters that say it all, really. Three letters, three guys, the bare essentials. The Holy Trinity of rock music; the condensed, boiled down essence of everything you love. From the biblical black of the Tennessee Three through the yawning cock rock of Cream and The Experience, through the crystalline amphetamine noise of Hüsker Dü through Big Black's clenched teeth to the supernova of Nirvana, this is what it boils down to: three.
    So, in 2013, it would seem logical that Fun are releasing three 7” singles (their first in this iconic format!), starting with “1/3” in February. The second and third part will follow in six month intervals or so. They will be released through their very own label Cut Half Records in Finland, Rejuvenation Records in France and Tenzenmen in Australia. Distribution in the US by Stickfigure Distribution.
    For the uninitiated: Fun are a band from Helsinki, Finland. During their ten year existence, they've shared stages with The Jesus Lizard, Nomeansno, Polvo and Deerhoof. They've recorded their second album, "Zu-Pa!" at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio, with the great man at the helm. It speaks volumes that they returned there for their third, “New 13” (Cut Half, 2010).
    Pretty impressive, eh? That's not half of it. Think of Rapeman and Melt Banana, fry up some Butthole Surfers and then add a dash of the spastic Finnish jazzcore of Deep Turtle. Brutal and honest, and not just saying so.
    Cures hangovers. Creates them.
    Fun's debut release, "Fun EP", was self-released in 2002 on 10" vinyl and has been sold out since. The first album was titled "Szklarska Poreba", (referring to a small Polish village (literally "glass clearing") in the mountains where lots of strange things took place) was released in 2004 on If Society records. It was followed by another Polish titled LP, "Zu-pa!" in 2007, also on If Society. Their third album titled "New 13" was released on October 20th, 2010.
    Oh, and if you're not interested, please note that the third letter in the band's logo is underlined. The first two say “FU”.
    - Jean Ramsay

    • Fun EP - 10" - 2002 – Self released
    • Szklarska Poreba - CD - 2004 – If Society
    • Compilation - Tape - 2005 - Noizer Records
    • Zu-pa! - CD/LP - 2007 – If Society
    • New 13 - CD/LP - 2010 – Cut Half Records / If Society
    • 1/3 - 7" - 2013 – Rejuvenation / Tenzenmen / Cut Half Records
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