June 2013.
LP 550 copies.

Photos by Jani Laakko and Jane Doe.

Co-released with
At War with False Noise
Kaos Kontrol
Made in Kansas

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    Recorded in Turku at Saippua Center, December 2012 by Ilpo Heikkinen.
    Mixing and mastering by Ilpo Heikkinen.

    Jukka Mattila - guitar, vocals
    Aleksis Juhakoski - guitar, vocals
    Tomi Lahtinen - bass
    Jani Laakko - drums

    Throat was formed in spring 2009 in Turku, Finland and since then the band has caused a stir in the underground noise rock movement with their feedback-drenched live assaults as well as their numerous small-scale releases.
    Throatís foundation lies heavy in 90s noise rock and sludge yet the band does not shy away from utilising elements of whatever type of sound they feel suitable for their purpose.
    Manhole marks the debut full-length release for Throat, culminating the aggressive, noisy and non-entertaining racket already introduced on the bandís previous vinyl and cassette efforts.
    Besides having shared stages with their Finnish peers.
    Throat have also played with such luminaries as Unsane, Big Business, Church of Misery and Brant Bjork.

    • "Good time" - K7 - September 2009
    • "Adult Situations" - 7" - November 2010
    • "Mind Reality - split with Hebosagil" - K7 - exclusively at the easter 2011 shows in Tampere and Helsinki - April 2011
    • "Licked inch fur" - LP - At War with False Noise, Kaos Kontrol, Made in Kansas, Verdura Records - April 2011
    • "Pee" - 7"- Kaos Kontrol - December 2011
    • "split with Fleshpress" - 7" - Kaos Kontrol, Kult of Nihilow - December 2011
    • "split with Black sun" - 7" - Hell Comes Home - August 2012
    • "Manhole" - LP - At War with False Noise, Kaos Kontrol, Made in Kansas, Rejuvenation Records - June 2013

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