Alabaster « Time To Get A Job »

[Reju068 - 12" LP, 300 copies]
First full-length by French act (from Lyon) ALABASTER, whose line-up includes former and current members of Overmars, Sofy Major, Geneva and Kiruna. Noise hardcore in the way of bands like Deadguy, Kiss It Goodbye or Unsane.

HARPON « Béji »

[Reju066 - LP 12", 318 copies]
First album by this dark and loud Noise-hardcore power trio from Reims, France. The band started in 2013 and members have played before in Tielnich, 37500 Yens, Submerge, Bumblebees … Their music can evoke bands such as Deïty Guns, Portobello Bones, Pord or Dazzling Killmen.

HAWKS « No Cash Value »

[Reju065 - Three different colors LP 12", 300 copies - SOLD OUT !]
No Cash Value is the final album by these kings of Noise-rock from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Pressed in three different colors : Splatter, Blue Smoke and Green. Comes with download code and poster insert.

STNNNG « Veterans of Pleasure »

[Reju064 - LP 12", 500 copies]
Veterans Of Pleasure is the fifth album by STNNNG (pronounced “STUNNING”), Noise-Indie-Post-Hardcore heroes from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. No, they do not sound like any of those three Minneapolis bands you can think of from VH1 Classic oversaturation or Rolling Stone’s retro-active fawning. They sound more like a lumbering giant laughing


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NOYADES « Go fast »

[Reju063 - LP 12", 300 copies - Digipack CD, 500 copies]
Instrumental Noise-Psychedelic trio from Lyon, France. First album, wild and intense in the way of bands like Psychic Paramount or Laddio Bolocko.


[Reju062 - LP 12", 500 copies]
Split 12″ between these two Noise-Rock bands. Poutre is from Arles, France. Gentle Veincut is from Frankfurt, Germany.


[Reju061 - LP 10", 100 copies]
Split 10″ between these two Parisian Punk bands. Recorded the same day in the same rehearsal place on the same backline. Each band cover the other. Limited edition of 100 copies.

LA PINCE « Mais sec »

[Reju060 - LP 12", 500 copies]
Second album by this French band who lives in Brussels, Belgium. Noise-Rock assault somewhere between Jesus Lizard and Arab On Radar.

DRACHE « Skeet shooting »

[Reju059 - LP 12", 500 copies]
First album by this Noise band from Brussels, Belgium. Their music have No Wave and Post-Punk elements. You can think to Arab On Radar, Doomsday Student, Colossamite, Ex-Models, Yowie, US Maple…