ALABASTER « Time To Get A Job »

[Reju068 - 12" LP, 300 copies]
October 2017

Alabaster "Time To Get A Job"

First full-length by French act (from Lyon) ALABASTER, whose line-up includes former and current members of Overmars, Sofy Major, Geneva and Kiruna. Noise hardcore in the way of bands like Deadguy, Kiss It Goodbye or Unsane.

« Time to Get a Job » is also what people often tell you when you explain that you’re in your thirties and still spending hours in rehearsal with your indie noise-hardcore band, as well as hours on the road to get to bars and clubs where playing a thirty-minutes set feels like Christmas (if Christmas’s your thing) when more than 10 people attend…. Well, thanks for the advice people, but the guys in ALABASTER actually (almost) all got a job now… They’re just not ready to give up on practicing, hitting the road and performing, especially at a time when their first album is finally coming out.

Co-released With Bigoût and Antena Krzyku.

All songs composed, arranged and performed by ALABASTER. Except track 10 by Alabaster, Pierre Bozonnet, Guillemette Serve & Camille Henner.

Recorded and mixed by Laurent Saussol.
Additional recording on track 10 by Bruno Germain.
Mastered by Uhmair Chaudhry.

Tracklist :

  • Casper The Unfriendly Bitch
  • Questioning Caesar
  • Forefather Of The Cosmic Christ
  • (Dead) Man Of The Family
  • Guacamole Bulldog
  • The Future Plastic Assimilation
  • Australian Jo
  • Hönönö
  • Victim’s victims
  • Our Dying Empires, Your Lives

Artwork & layout by CPG.

LP 10 tracks
Prix : 12 €

France : 17 € port compris

Rest of the world : 21 € post paid