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SILENT FRONT « Dead lake »

[Reju039 - LP 12" + CD, 1000 copies]
Noise-post-hardcore, from London, UK. The trio is blending genres, borrowing the best of both noise-rock angular and intense émocore… Fugazi meets Dazzling Killmen meets Jesus Lizard… First album.

FAT BEAVERS « Still Don’t Know What to Do »

[Reju038 - Green LP 12", 600 copies]
Mélodic-punk-rock, first album after two EP’s, from Paris, France. Somewhere between, Superchunk, Minor Threat and Hüsker Dü… Now defunct.

KÏMMO « Bolt and biscuit »

[Reju037 - LP 12" + CD, 500 copies]
Indie-rock-noisy between Washington DC and Chicago scenes, first album after two EP’s. From Paris, France.

MICROFILM « The bay of future passed »

[Reju036 - LP 12", 500 copies - SOLD OUT !]
Cinematografic Post-Rock band (with use of movie samples) from Poitiers, France. Formed in 2003, disbanded in 2014. Third album.


[Reju035 - White LP 12", 500 copies]
Old-school hardcore-punk versus Crazy-hardcore, both bands from Paris, France.

SCUL HAZZARDs « Landlord »

[Reju034 - LP 12", 500 copies]
Noise-rock from Brisbane, Australia, in a Jesus Lizard, Rapeman, Hammerhead, Unwound, Janitor Joe way. Second album.

THE RUBIKS « Universal satisfaction »

[Reju033 - Black LP 12", 300 copies - Green LP 12", 300 copies - SOLD OUT !]
An amazing mix between Noise, Post-Punk, Disco, Post-Hardcore and Hard-Rock !!! From Lyon, France. First album.

DO YOU COMPUTE « And we are the winners… »

[Reju032 - LP 12", 500 copies - CD, 500 copies]
A mix between Noise and Post-hardcore. First album. From Paris, France.

EPILEPTIC « A piece of eternity… »

[Reju031 - LP 12", 300 copies - CD, 300 copies]
Emo-rock in the way of bands like Farewell Bend, Karaté, The Constantines, Fugazi, … From Poitiers, France. Fourth and last album. Now defunct.

SHUB « The snake, the goose and the ladder »

[Reju030 - LP 12" + CD, 500 copies - SOLD OUT !]
Noise-rock / Post-punk from Nimes, France, you can think to Chinese Stars, early Sonic Youth and what else ? Listen, it’s too difficult ! Second album. But know we have a repressed version -Reju046- (just the LP without the CD inside) available here.