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[Reju029 - CDR, 200 copies]
Noise-sex-trio from Paris and Poitiers, France, a mix between Unsane, Cherubs and your grandpa and little sister screaming together. First démo.

WARSAW WAS RAW « Chaajoth »

[Reju028 - CD EP, 1000 copies - 7", 500 copies]
French experimental hardcore band (with some grindcore and noise influences) based in Paris, France. In the way of bands like Locust, Head Wound City, Daughters… First EP. At this period a quintet with 2 female singers, the band was reduced to a duet vocals-guitar/drums after that.

NEW BRUTALISM « Actual Record »

[Reju027 - CD, 500 copies]
Noise-rock from Baltimore, USA, imagine a mix between Shellac, AC/DC and Jesus Lizard ! Big come back after two albums, two EP, two 7″ and the amazing « Brut Unison » compilation.

SCUL HAZZARDs « Let them sink »

[Reju026 - LP 12", 500 copies - SOLD OUT !]
Noise-rock from Brisbane, Australia, in a Jesus Lizard, Rapeman, Hammerhead, Unwound, Janitor Joe way. First album.


[Reju025 - CD, 500 copies]
Folk from Poitiers, France (by the guitarist/singer in Epileptic) influenced by Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen… First album.

DO YOU COMPUTE « Turnstile »

[Reju024 - CDR, 400 copies]
Noise-punk/post-hardcore with ex/members from Revok, Seanews, Belle Epoque, Gameness, Use Of Procedure, Customers… Think to DLJ, HWM, Science Of Yabra or Haram. First démo. From Paris, France.

REVOK « Bad books and empty pasts »

[Reju023 - CD, 1000 copies]
Noise between Amphetamine Reptile style and Hydrahead style, think to Neurosis, or Breach… With members or ex-members in Gameness, Seanews, Belle Epoque, Brume Retina, Do You Compute… First album. From Paris, France.


[Reju022 - LP 10", 500 copies]
Brume Retina from Paris, France, emocore in an Amanda Woodward / Funeral Diner vein, sung in french (ex/members from Gameness, Revok, DSB, Lab). Hiro, from Besançon, France, screamo/post-hardcore, (ex Gantz).

MYRA LEE « 2 »

[Reju021 - CD, 500 copies]
Noise-hardcore, between Kurt, Yaphet Kotto and Hammerhead (with the Microfilm drummer). Second album. From Poitiers, France.

MICROFILM « Stereodrama »

[Reju020 - CD, 3000 copies - LP 12", 500 copies]
Cinematic Post-rock (with 60’s & 70’s movies extracts) from Poitiers, France, between Dianogah, Diabologum and A Minor Forest. Second album.