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TEN VOLT SHOCK / LOISIRS « Split 7 inch »

[Reju019 - 7", 500 copies]
Ten Volt Shock, from Germany, noise-hardcore (with the guitarist-singer from Kurt). Loisirs, from Poitiers, France, yéyé-émo-post-punk, Robocop Kraus meets Milemarker meets At The Drive In meets Kurt meets Fugazi.


[Reju018 - CD, 500 copies]
Noise-post-punk in a Jesus Lizard, McLusky, Jawbox, Sloy vein (with a Do You Compute member). From Paris, France.

CUSTOMERS « Shut up ! (We’re dead…) »

[Reju017 - CDR, 200 copies - SOLD OUT !]
Old-school hardcore somewhere between bands like Minor Threat and No Hope For The Kids. Third and last démo. From Paris, France.

AT FIVE « s/t »

[Reju016 - CDR, 100 copies]
Old-school Emocore in the way of bands like Hoover, Twelve Hour Turn, Engine Down, Frodus, Radio Flyer… First démo. From Paris, France.

DIE PRETTY / CRASH TASTE « Pretty crash »

[Reju015 - LP 12" + CDR, 300 copies]
Two Emocore / post-hardcore bands from Poitiers, France. DP is in a Q and not U, Drive Like Jehu, North Of America and Jawbox way, and CT is in a Sicbay, Jawbox, Kepone or Fugazi way.

KEN PARK « s/t »

[Reju014 - LP 12", 500 copies]
Old school hardcore sung in french (Think to Negative Approach, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Reagan Youth…). First album. From St Etienne, France.

UNLOGISTIC « Capitulation » + « Recapitulation » + « Decapitulation »

[Reju013 - Boxset CD x 2 + DVD, 1000 copies - SOLD OUT !]
Alien-hardcore (Drop Dead meets Big Black meets Dag Nasty ?). Third album. From Paris, France. Boxset with 2 x CD 47 tracks (!) + DVD

AGHAST « Consumer »

[Reju012 - CD, 500 copies - SOLD OUT !]
Emo-hardcore in the way of bands like Serene, Gorilla Biscuits, Insted, or even Amanda Woodward. Second album. From Tarbes, France.

CUSTOMERS « Second shot before Flex’s departure to New Zealand »

[Reju011 - CDR, 200 copies - SOLD OUT !]
Old-school hardcore. Second démo. From Paris, France.

LOISIRS « Submergé par le sublime »

[Reju010 - CD, 1000 copies]
Yéyé-émo-post-punk (Robocop Kraus meets Milemarker meets At The Drive In meets Kurt meets Fugazi). From Poitiers, France.