[Reju022 - LP 10", 500 copies]
July 2007

Brume Retina / Hiro "Split"

Brume Retina from Paris, France, emocore in an Amanda Woodward / Funeral Diner vein, sung in french (ex/members from Gameness, Revok, DSB, Lab).

Hiro, from Besançon, France, screamo/post-hardcore, (ex Gantz).

Co-released with Désertion, Ape Must Not Kill Ape, Recap, Impure Muzik, Orchid Scent and Emergence.

CD version still available in our Mailorder.

Brume Retina, recorded by Raf at home in Houilles, France, the 21st of january, 2007 and mixed the 25th of may, 2007.
Hiro, recorded and mixed by Cyril, Sebastien and Yann at Studio Le Cube between the 12th and 13th may 2007.

Brume Retina a été enregistré par Raf chez lui à Houilles le 21 janvier 2007 et mixé le 25 mai 2007.
Hiro a été enregistré et mixé par Cyril, Sebastien et Yann au Studio Le Cube les 12 et 13 mai 2007.

Tracklist Side A – BRUME RETINA :

  • Avale / Recrache (ce qui a été pillé)
  • La raison a cédé
  • Hymne à la loi

Tracklist Side B – HIRO :

  • Lis
  • La manipulation des corps

10'' 5 tracks
Prix : 5 €

France : 7 € port compris

Rest of the world : 10 € post paid