Thomas – Guitar / Vocals Jérôme – Guitar / Vocals Thomas – Drums Vincent – Bass / Vocals The group began in May 2005 in Paris from the ashes of Gameness (Thomas, Jerome and Vincent) and DSB (Thomas drums). The band recorded their first album « Linéaire des libres » with some of songs intended for the


Caroline Blanchet – Vocals Thomas Durand – Drums Gildas Huchet – Baritone Guitar Philippe Lebas – Guitar CHOOCHOOSHOESHOOT was founded in November 2004 by Philippe (who formerly played guitar in the early-90s noise combo Pig Iron), Thomas (drums), and Gildas (Baritone guitar). Chrystelle (vocals) joined the band in 2006 and in September, they recorded their


Chris Besinger – Vocals Nathan Nelson – Guitar Adam Burt – Guitar Jesse Kwakenat – Bass Ben Ivascu – Drums J. Michael Ward – Drums (2005-Fall 2009) STNNNG (pronounced “STUNNING”) are from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Formed in early 2002 with the first lineup of Chris, Nate, Jeremy and Adam. They


Fab Process – Guitar Thomas – Guitar / Vocals / Drums / Drum machine Ophé – Guitar / Vocals And a lot of friends, sometimes… Formed in 1996 in Paris, France on the ashes of hardcore bands Upstairs People and Hole Process. In twenty years and more than four hundred gigs (including many dates across


Andrew S. Wiggins – Guitar Sean P. Fitzgerald – Bass Shane D. Patrick – Drums Michael P. Keenan Jr. – Vocals Picture by Hazam Modoff.   HAWKS have made a respected art of designed carelessness, all rusted strings and chugging groove, honing what has become a finely out-of-tuned craft following in the traditions of labels