STNNNG « Veterans of Pleasure »

[Reju064 - LP 12", 500 copies]
April 2017

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Veterans Of Pleasure is the fifth album by STNNNG (pronounced “STUNNING”), Noise-Indie-Post-Hardcore heroes from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.
No, they do not sound like any of those three Minneapolis bands you can think of from VH1 Classic oversaturation or Rolling Stone’s retro-active fawning. They sound more like a lumbering giant laughing madly while tangled up in some barbed electric fence.

In other words, like heavy rock in the art-y/noisy Touch & Go vein.
Think punk rock tenacity with metal power, classic rock riffage, vaudevillian showmanship and the hyper-literate lyrics of a man seemingly possessed by a full encyclopedia set of subtly deranged characters.

Co-released with Modern Radio.

Recorded and mixed by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio. Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.

Tracklist :

  • The Last Nostalgia
  • King Vulture Vista
  • Marseilles Spleen
  • Veteran of Pleasure
  • Sunbathing
  • Soft Moon, Warm Spider
  • Storming the Medical Frigate
  • Subterranean Canine Cosmonauts
  • That Other Place
  • Top Hat Man
  • Miami

STNNNG - Veterans of pleasure

Cover art from the original painting « Bacchanalia » by Reynier Llanes © 2012.

Photography by Adam Bubolz. Layout by Hannah M. Haugberg.

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